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Why your Latest Obsession will be SoCal Beauty Lash Extensions

Why your Latest Obsession will be SoCal Beauty Lash Extensions

Why your Latest Obsession will be SoCal Beauty Lash Extensions

SoCal Beauty is known for having innovative products for the everyday lash artist. But have you experienced the latest? For almost 1 year SoCal Beauty has had Lash Extension Mixed Tray’s a part of their collection. These extensions have been loved by many lash artists over the year and the number #1 request from the SoCal buyer has been single length tray lash extensions. Ask and you shall receive, SoCal has finally launched the long-awaited single length trays and we are here to give you all the details. 

About the Lashes

The single length trays have minimal packaging changes, but the lashes themselves will be consistent with what you already know and love. The lash extensions are made from a synthetic satin matte faux mink lash. This means that they are going to be consistently dark, have a gorgeous curl that lasts and are soft to the touch. You won’t find a shine or plastic looking sheen with the lashes. They mimic the look and feel of a natural lash, but better. Did we mention they fan like butter? Because of the soft texture, these lashes will be easier to fan, making them fun to work with. 

The Staples & The Changes in Packaging

Consistent with our Mixed Trays, all of our lash trays have a window inside of them and are in color coded packaging, based on the curl. Can we say home edit? Yes this not only is functional but fabulous to look at. This is to make it easy for you when storing your lashes and doing inventory. Every tray includes 20 rows of lashes. Why waste tray space with a logo? The strips also come with an aluminum backing so that you can easily remove and replace the strip where you need to without ruining the strip. Of course, the trays themselves are made of the same material and are extremely durable which is important because accidents happen. Our new single length trays do come with a white shimmery backing to make the lashes pop and be easily visible. The new trays also have a folding magnetic flap that will allow for easy removal of each strip from the tray. Lastly, all of the details are written on each strip in a dark pink font to make the details easily readable.

Fashion + Function

Our hope was that you would be able to carry lash extensions that were of the highest quality and completely functional for your space as a lash artist. As new orders of our mixed trays come in, they too will begin to mimic the updates in packaging that the single length trays now have. Nobody knows a lash artist better than a lash artist. We hope you continue to love our gorgeous lash extensions,  proudly share and display them to your guests. Don’t forget to tag us in your #SoCalSets! 

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