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Please browse our selection of Home page . Find innovative and professional lash extension products. We also provide our in-store guests with a lash extension experience they will never forget.

Brittani Hamilton Strong_r1_DFS_3328.png Brittani Hamilton Strong_r1_DFS_3314.png
Designer Kit
Stay Put | Gentle Skin Tape Stay Put | Gentle Skin Tape
Stay Put | Gentle Skin Tape
From $7.59
Brittani Hamilton Strong_r1_DFS_3280.png Brittani Hamilton Strong_r2_DFS_3278.png
Magnetic Lash Line Doll Head
Brittani Hamilton Strong_r1_DFS_3324.png Brittani Hamilton Strong_r1_DFS_3325.png
Designer Display Case
Brittani Hamilton Strong_r1_DFS_3112.png Brittani Hamilton Strong_r1_DFS_3118.png
Black Designer Eyeliner
Brittani Hamilton Strong_r1_DFS_3090.png Brittani Hamilton Strong_r1_DFS_3096.png
Clear Designer Eyeliner
Brittani Hamilton Strong_r1_DFS_3101.png Brittani Hamilton Strong_r1_DFS_3107.png
Brown Designer Eyeliner
Brittani Hamilton Strong_r1_DFS_3058.png Brittani Hamilton Strong_r1_DFS_3064.png
Boi Bye | Makeup Removing Pen
Volume Course #VolumeUp - Master the Volume Technique
Volume Course
From $500.00
Mega Volume Course
Mega Volume Course
From $500.00
Designer Advanced Course #DesignerUpgrade - Designer Lash Advanced
Designer Advanced Course
From $500.00
Designer T-Shirt
Designer T-Shirt
Brittani Hamilton Strong_r1_DFS_3230.png Brittani Hamilton Strong_r2_DFS_3232.png
Cliquor | Cliques Applicator
Gift Card Gift Card
Gift Card
From $10.00