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Why Don't Your Eye Lashes Stay Curled?

Why Don't Your Eye Lashes Stay Curled?

Why Don't Your Eye Lashes Stay Curled?

Curling your eyelashes has fast become one of the most popular beauty treatments around, whether you are doing it yourself with an eyelash curler or visiting a beauty technician to get them curled professionally. Curling your lashes can not only deepen your eye color but also widen the eyes, enhance makeup and give the face a lovely lift. However, sometimes your lashes just won’t play nicely, and when curling doesn’t work, it can be frustrating.

Why do some lashes not curl?

If your lashes are refusing to cooperate when it comes to curling, there are a number of things you can try. If you are curling them yourself at home, it could be something as simple as your technique, and so once you get this right, you are on your way to achieving the desired curling effect.


When using your curler, make sure your finger and thumb are in the designated holes. It sounds simple, but this is how you can achieve the correct pressure. Next, open the curling device wide enough to fit in both the top and bottom lashes inside. Finally, squeeze down as close to the roots as possible but without catching the skin and count to five. If you have already tried this and it hasn’t worked, don’t give up; there are other things you can try. Try pumping the curler up to 10 times at the root and then hold for 5 seconds, before moving the curling device along the lashes each time. Remember not to pull on the lashes and to let go gently when releasing; otherwise, the lashes could break.


Eyelashes are there to protect our eyes and stop dust and dirt from getting in, but they also make our eyes look pretty. Just as with the hair on our heads, we need to treat our lashes with some TLC. The Polisher Cleansing Brush is perfect for cleaning the lash line and should be kept in the bathroom to remind you to polish your lashes regularly. Simply use it in a downward motion and brush the lashes along the top and bottom. Use with Squeaky Rose Water Lash Cleanser, which provides a deep cleanse for the lashes and is packed with anti-aging benefits. The added rose water has antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help reduce redness, swelling, puffiness and the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The cleanser also contains hyaluronic acid, which helps hydrate the lashes in a safe and gentle way and is perfect for anyone looking to get lash extensions.

Squeaky Rose Water Lash Cleanser


Don’t skimp on the mascara, and consider wearing waterproof mascara. Some people are put off by wearing waterproof mascara because of the difficulty in removing it, but as long as you use a quality makeup remover, this shouldn’t be a problem. The waterproof formulas are great for holding lashes in place and have the added benefit of staying on when working out, swimming, washing and crying.

When applying mascara, remember that not all your lashes are the same length, which is why some mascara wands are bent. Try to angle the brush, or bend it a little yourself before using, as this will help you reach even the shortest lashes.

Eyelash Curler

If you like to curl your eyelashes and do it regularly, consider investing in a proper, quality curler. There are some poor products on the market, so make sure you are using one that is fit for purpose.


If you are after perfection, you should also invest in quality tweezers. The Solo Straight Isolating Tweezers are perfect for separating lashes and are also great for fitting lash extensions.

Solo Straight Isolating Tweezers

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are becoming more and more popular, and many beauty technicians are adding to their skill set by training in applying extensions. Beauty salons are also investing in staff training so they can offer this service to their clients.

Anyone who is looking to apply eyelash extensions should only do this with the right products and training and be confident in the procedure. The Friends with Benefits Pro Line Kit contains essentials for fixing lashes, including aloe prep, adhesive, bonder, foam tips and cream remover.

Friends with Benefits Pro Line Kit

Practice makes perfect

If you are planning to curl your lashes for a special occasion, don’t leave it until you are getting ready. Practice your technique and make sure you have everything you need in advance. Be sure to go for quality over quantity.

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