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What to Expect from an LVL Lash Lift: Step by Step

What to Expect from an LVL Lash Lift: Step by Step

What to Expect from an LVL Lash Lift: Step by Step

If you're curious about what is involved in an LVL lash lift, we've got the answers!

What is LVL?

An LVL Lash Lift is a treatment that gives your eyelashes length, volume and lift, and it is becoming more and more popular. Traditionally, mascara has been used to get this look, but mascara cannot offer all three qualities and usually focuses on just one of these benefits.

The idea behind an LVL Lash lift is that it uses your own lashes and combines a tint and perm treatment to give stunning results that make the eyes look fuller and brighter and the lashes appear longer.

How Does It Work?

With an LVL works, the eye lashes are first cleaned with a high-quality cleanser to ensure there are no oils, residue or makeup left on the lashes before the treatment begins. The beauty technician will then place a pad under the lower lashes in order to avoid any of the lower lashes getting caught up while treating the upper lashes. The top lashes are coated in a serum that works to straighten each lash from the root, and they are then pressed around a shield in order to produce a perfect curl. Next, a bonding gel is used to pull the eyelashes back, and this is when the lifting balm is applied. This stays on for between 10 and 15 minutes depending on how responsive the lashes are to the treatment.

Once the lifting gel has worked, it is removed and the volumizing process begins. A volumizing fix is applied to the lashes, and this gets left on the lashes for approximately 7 minutes. The final stage is to apply a tint to deepen the color of the lashes, and there may also be the option at this point to add in some extensions as well so the lashes look fuller as well as longer and lifted.

The treatment is very effective, especially for anyone who has very fine lashes.

How Long Does It Take?

Getting an LVL Lash Lift takes approximately an hour. It isn’t the actual treatment itself that takes so much time; waiting for the dye to take and the serum to soften the lashes and produce the curl is a big part of it.

Are there any side effects?

As long as you keep your eyes closed during the treatment, it is unlikely you will suffer any side effects. Always tell your therapist right away if there is any pain, irritation or stinging. One thing to be aware of is that because you are usually laying down and have your eyes closed, it is not uncommon to fall asleep, making the experience very relaxing.

How long do they last?

An LVL Lash Lift should last an average of 6 to 8 weeks, especially if you care for your lashes properly. Products such as Keep It Squeaky Rose Water Lash Cleanser not only cleanse the lashes but also contain anti-aging ingredients. The rose water is a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, and this can help with puffiness and wrinkles. This cleanser also contains hyaluronic acid to help hydrate and comes in an airtight container to ensure freshness.

Keep It Squeaky Rose Water Lash Cleanser

Caring for your LVL Lashes

It is recommended that you do not get your eyes wet for the first 48 hours following treatment, so it is advisable to wash your hair before your appointment. You shouldn’t apply any eye makeup for two days following treatment; when you are able to wear it, take care to remove it by dabbing rather than swiping across the eye. Consider investing in specialist eye makeup remover products such as the Boi Bye Makeup Removing Pen. This is ideal if you want to touch up your eye makeup or remove it completely. It is especially useful for eyeliner defining and also for removing waterproof makeup. It is also ideal for anyone who has had a lash treatment and is looking for a lash-safe product.

Boi Bye Makeup Removing Pen

When you are ready to apply makeup, make sure you use good-quality cosmetics with proper makeup applicators that have been produced specifically to protect the lashes. The Polisher Lash Cleansing Brush has been designed to polish the lashes and lash line. Made with ultra soft bristles that can get in between the lashes, this helps cleanse the eyes and lashes while also protecting them.

Polisher Lash Cleansing Brush

If you are new to LVL, be warned: once you’ve seen the effects of the treatment, you’ll be hooked!

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