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10 Best Gel Eyeliners for the Perfect Look in 2021

10 Best Gel Eyeliners for the Perfect Look in 2021

10 Best Gel Eyeliners for the Perfect Look in 2021

When it comes to eyeliner, gel eyeliner is known for bringing all the drama. It is rarely about being subtle when it comes to using this popular makeup product, a favorite among beauty experts and makeup artists. Known for its bold and long-lasting look, gel eyeliner has been growing in popularity in recent years. When perfected, it can help you to create the coveted feline flick or winged eyeliner favored by big names like Hollywood star Audrey Hepburn, singer Adele or movie star Angelina Jolie. And, once it’s on, it doesn’t budge easily.

Often applied using a brush - although pen models are available - gel liner allows you to really frame the eyes. Many who have struggled with creating the perfect cats’ eyes with liquid eyeliner or pencil have reported greater success when using gel eyeliner. They prefer it to a pencil or liquid liner because it is easier to apply in a seamless line and doesn’t budge throughout the day or night. Gel liner does not set quite as quickly as liquid liner, allowing you time to fix mistakes. The matte finish means the look is generally bolder and more impactful, while the accompanying brush can give you more control over the wing.

Here are the 10 best gel eyeliner types to use and the looks to create for 2021.

1. Baby wings

Create a cute but not too extreme baby wing by lining your upper lash line and lower lash line with a gel eyeliner and then joining the two lines together at the outer corner of your eye.

2. Smudge it

Create a smoky eye effect using your gel eyeliner. Although gel eyeliner is tougher to smudge than pencil liners, it can be done. Draw a precise line on the upper and lower lash lines and simply smudge them at the ends for a subtle smoky look.

3. Go thick

Apply a thick line of gel eyeliner across the top lash line only. Keep it all around the same thickness for intense drama.

4. Small to big

When lining the upper lids with gel eyeliner, use an angled brush to apply it and try to get a thinner line closer to the inside of your eye, widening out at the outer edge of the eye. This will give a cool, abstract feel and can help you to play with the width of the eyes. Using a separate brush allows you to try more tricks and techniques.

5. Add crystals

Gel eyeliners with crystals are available on the market and can be used to bling up your liner. You can use your normal layer of black gel eyeliner at the upper lash line and then add a line of metallic crystal liner on top to create a stunning, eye-catching effect.

6. Add color

Look out for color gel eyeliners to really pack a punch. Use bright and bold color gel eyeliners alongside black eyeliners to create graphic print looks on your eyelids.

6. Add color

7. Use silver

Using a silver gel liner is the perfect way to create a standout nighttime look. A departure from the traditional black, use it on the upper lids and lower lash line to create a precise but ethereal Snow Queen look. It's perfect for the festive season.

8. Do the double

The precision afforded by a gel eyeliner allows you to try some more challenging and precise looks. Line the upper lid with a dramatic cat eye flick. Then, place your gel eyeliner brush or pencil at the end of the flick and draw a second line above it, tracing the outline of the eyeball. Stop halfway for a more subtle look or continue along to the inner corner of the eye for extra drama.

8. Do the double

9. Turn it upside down

Flip up your gel eyeliner look by using a thin line on the upper lids but create a dramatic line with a flick on the bottom lash line. Use a colored gel eyeliner for added impact.

10. Stiletto wings

Create a super thin wing (hence the name stiletto) by swapping up your usual eyeliner brush for a thinner angled eyeliner brush. Start at the inner corner of the eye and work outwards towards the end of the eye.

Always allow your gel eyeliner to dry for a few seconds before continuing with the rest of your make up routine.

Liquid Designer Eyeliner Black

If you are struggling to get on board with gel eyeliner, you can create similar effects using a liquid eyeliner such as Liquid Designer Eyeliner Black.

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