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What Exactly Is A Lash Lift, And How Is It Done?

What Exactly Is A Lash Lift, And How Is It Done?

What Exactly Is A Lash Lift, And How Is It Done?

A lash lift, sometimes called a lash perm, is a semi-permanent treatment that curls your upper lashes. It does not add color to your lashes or extend them; it’s simply an enhancement of your natural lash curl or curvature.

There are different levels of curl available to choose from, depending on how pronounced you’d like the effect to be. Silicone rods are used to curl the lashes and are available in different sizes and shapes to achieve the look you want. Overall, the process takes around an hour to achieve a look that will save you lots of time later on.

So, how is the lash lift done?

Your technician will ask you to lie back in the chair and make yourself comfortable. The lashes will be cleansed and dried before silicone shields are applied to the eyelid areas to protect them. The desired size and shape of silicone rod is placed above the upper lash line and the lower silicone shield will cover up the lower lashes. With eyes closed, the upper lashes will be stuck up onto the silicone rod - making sure they are neatly laid out.

So, how is the lash lift done?

A safe and gentle perm solution is applied to the upper lashes and left to develop. This is to soften them so they can take on the shape of the silicone rod. Next, the neutralizing solution is applied and left to set so that the lashes can stay in their beautiful new shape.

Finally, the solution will be cleaned off the lashes and they will be dried and brushed. The results are pretty quick; when you open your eyes, the technician will show you your new look in a mirror.

How long will the results last?

Your lash lift is likely to last between six and eight weeks as it is a semi-permanent treatment. Over this time, your lashes will be replaced by new, straight lashes. When this happens, it’s easy to come back for another treatment to lift your lashes again. To maintain the curl, we recommend returning every 4-6 weeks.

Once you've done your lash lift, there are things you can do to help maintain the best results. For the first 24 hours, newly lifted lashes should not be immersed in water. You should try to avoid the eye area when washing your face and avoid using mascara.

Once the first 24 hours have passed, you can wash your face and care for your lashes as you normally would. We recommend that you cleanse and brush your lashes as part of your daily routine. If you keep your natural lashes in good condition, you will be able to achieve the best possible results from your lash lift treatments.

Keep It Squeaky Rose Water Lash Cleanser

Our soothing Keep It Squeaky Rose Water Lash Cleanser is great for cleansing the lash line and has the added benefit of anti-aging properties to help you look your best for longer. This works best when applied using an applicator, such as the Polisher Lash Cleansing Brush, in a circular motion to help reinvigorate the delicate eye area.

Polisher Lash Cleansing Brush

Can anyone have a lash lift?

Lots of people want to know if having a lash lift is safe. For most people, having a lash lift is no problem. However, a lash lift does use a chemical solution and this could cause sensitivity in a very small minority of individuals. Your consultant should go through the treatment with you before carrying it out, asking questions to help determine your suitability for the lash lift and explain everything to you.

We use highly skilled technicians who are experienced in what they do so you will be in safe hands.

Why should you get a lash lift?

There are some fantastic products and tools out there, from mascaras and curlers to magnetic lashes, so there are many ways to enhance the look of your eyes. Sometimes, these things just don’t achieve the results you’d like. Maybe you don't want the hassle of doing them every day, or you might spend hours trying to get yours to curl, all for them to hold it for 1 hour. This is where a lash lift can help out.

Getting a lash lift will open the look of your eye, accentuating your natural lashes for maximum effect. It means that you won't need to spend time curling your lashes each day as they will already be looking their best. Lash lifts are not just great because they are low-maintenance; they also help you feel more confident about how you look. Don't forget that it’s always important to take time for yourself and you can do that with a lash lift, the perfect no-makeup, makeup look!

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