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Pro Make-Up Artist Eyeliner Techniques Step by Step Tutorial

Pro Make-Up Artist Eyeliner Techniques Step by Step Tutorial

Pro Make-Up Artist Eyeliner Techniques Step by Step Tutorial

Many people believe that applying eyeliner is the easiest part of making up their face. However, there are still some tricks of the trade that you can be taught by a professional makeup artist to turn making a good job of applying your eyeliner into a great one.

Step 1 - Choose your eyeliner

Step 1 - Choose your eyeliner

There are two main types of eyeliner, and they have different effects on your eyes.

Liquid eyeliner - This is great if you want to wear eyeliner all day as it doesn’t smudge as easily as a pencil does. It has a fine tip, which makes it easier to get an accurate shape on the top of your eye. It is good for experimenting with if you want to be creative. However, it doesn’t dry easily, so you will have to leave it for a few minutes before moving on to your eyelashes. It can also be difficult to take off if you get the look wrong, so it is best to practice a few times before a big night out. Liquid eyeliner looks best on the upper eyelid, where you are more likely to want to achieve a line to create definition.

Eyeliner Pencil - A definite line can look too harsh under the eye, so some subtle blending and shading are needed. A pencil is easier to blend, and it can be sharpened depending on how thickly you want to apply the line. An eyeliner pencil is the easiest way of reaching those difficult spots just below the eye, making pencil the perfect way of applying eyeliner under the eye.

Professional makeup artists always carry both types of eyeliner in their makeup bags.

How To Apply Eyeliner

Start at the inner corner of your eye and work outward. This will straighten the skin around your eye outward, making it easier to apply the eyeliner. Working the other way around can cause your skin to pucker, making it a lot harder to apply eyeliner and achieve a professional look. Apply eyeliner by tilting your head backward and looking down as this will make it easier.

One of the biggest challenges you face in attempting to put your eyeliner on like a professional makeup artist is trying to get as close to the eye line as possible so you don’t lose the effect you are trying to create, which will happen if there is a gap between your eyelid and the eyeliner. A steady hand will help, as will liquid eyeliner or a well-sharpened pencil.

How To Create a Soft Look

Apply your eyeshadow first as this will help the eyeliner to glide onto your eye and create a softer effect. Apply your eyeliner with a series of soft strokes rather than trying to create a single line as this will help to soften it further.

Colors such as dark green or brown, like this Brown Designer Eyeliner, will help to enhance this look for a great daytime look or for those times when you want to make a big effort without appearing to be trying too hard. These colors are less harsh than black and will blend in better with your natural eye color and the eyeshadow you use.

Brown Designer Eyeliner

How to Use Eyeliner for a Dramatic Effect

For a big night out, go dramatic. You can achieve this look by using a dark shade of eyeliner, such as dark grey or black, like this Black Designer Eyeliner. This will enhance your eyes and draw attention to their natural shape and outline, giving them the appearance of depth. Use liquid eyeliner for the top of your eyelid and pencil beneath it. Using an eyeliner pencil beneath your eyes will enlarge them, and adding a lighter shade of eyeshadow around the eyes will help to brighten them. Add some volume to your eyelashes, and you are good to go.

Black Designer Eyeliner

How To Switch from Day to Night

If you are going to work, you might prefer to soften your eyeliner. However, if you are going out straight from work, you will want to create a great look for the evening without having to take all your makeup off and starting again. This can be achieved by adding black eyeliner to your day shade and then finishing the look with a brighter shade of eyeshadow. This will help you create a more dramatic evening look without too much effort.

These great tips have come from some of the most renowned makeup artists in the industry. Follow their advice for professional-looking eyeliner that will help you look your best, whatever your style.

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