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Southern California local, Brittani Strong Creates Innovative Solution for Beauty Industry

Southern California local, Brittani Strong Creates Innovative Solution for Beauty Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused one of the worst impacts in the economy the world has seen in years. As a result, the beauty industry is rapidly changing in response to this global crisis. And one salon, in particular, took the challenge and rose to the occasion. 

SoCal Beauty is a lash, brow, massage, and airbrush tanning salon specializing in guest experience. Its goal is to help each of its guests see their natural glow and to maintain it. They use luxury products to match the luxurious experience at the salon.

SoCal Beauty takes pride in knowing that their clients always feel confident and renewed after each appointment. And while things may appear uncertain amidst the crisis, SoCal Beauty has used this time as a chance to explore ways to continue serving clients. 

Brittani Hamilton Strong opened SoCal Beauty in 2014 when she was just eighteen years old. Her multifaceted passion for business, marketing, and mentorship proved to be a winning combination since her exposure from these diverse industries enabled her to apply strategies from one to the other. She attributes much of her success to her amazing team.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Brittani and her SoCal beauty team created customizable magnetic strip lashes so that lash artists from around the world could have the opportunity to work from home. This innovative method called “Designer Custom Magnetic Strip Lashes by SoCal Beauty” is the first of its kind. It also proves to be highly convenient because right after a virtual lash consult, lash professionals can recreate personalized lash extension sets for each of their guests. 

Online appointments also make it possible for the salon to reach clients beyond the local area and outside of the constraints of the Southern California studio. With this new concept of virtual lash appointments, it is possible to provide these innovative solutions and services to people across the globe. On top of this, the salon has also opened a section on its website catering to other lash artists in the industry with the all-new “Artist Kit,” which allows them to create their own designer lashes for resale to their clientele.

Aside from being a pioneer of the magnetic lashes, Brittani is also glad about taking part in social responsibility. In an interview, she talked about how devastated everyone in her beauty team was due to the salon shutdown. She added that as much as she was disheartened for the crew, she also felt worried for her regular clients. It was at this point when the idea about the magnetic lashes crossed her mind. 

Brittani has always been interested in learning new things about the beauty industry. She believes that as the world progresses, beauty should also evolve by making use of technology advancement. This passion and curiosity helped her stay on top of her career. She is also more than happy to pass on whatever it is that she learns because true beauty lies in sharing with the community.To know more about Brittani Strong and SoCal Beauty, check out SoCal Beauty’s website, Instagram, and Facebook pages.

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