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SoCal Beauty Introduces SoCalBeauty.Ca with a new fulfillment center in Canada

SoCal Beauty Introduces SoCalBeauty.Ca with a new fulfillment center in Canada

The Canadian beauty industry is boosted by SoCal, a US industry leader renowned for supporting and growing independent beauty brands around the world.

TORONTO, CANADA, April 2, 2021 / -- SoCal Beauty, known as an innovative and thriving partner to the beauty industry, has just launched a fulfillment centre in Canada. This is due to the overwhelming number of lash artists who want to carry their products. In this article we give you the ‘All there is to know’ about SoCal Beauty Salon, its CEO Brittani Strong and their new ventures in Canada.

What is SoCal Beauty?
SoCal Beauty was founded by CEO Brittani Strong. The company was started in 2014 and is located in Orange County California. SoCal has thrived the past few years and has an international footprint. SoCal Beuty has become very popular since the launch of their latest innovation Designer Lashes. SoCal is a beauty salon, education centre, fulfillment centre and a solution oriented brand. To follow the brand across your favourite social media channels:

What are Designer Lashes?
Within the pandemic, SoCal Beauty Salon’s CEO Brittani Strong started thinking and creating the idea of Designer Lashes. This is an industry first, magnetic, customizable strip lash system made for lash artists. Lash artists can customize any set of lash on the magnetic strip and then send the lashes to their customers, hands free. The process is very easy and is perfect for clients who cannot afford lash extensions, have had problems with lash extension irritation and allergies as well as clients that have moved away. A virtual meeting is done to give advice on the lash length and shape, customized, and sent.

Who is Brittani Strong
Brittani Strong has been in the beauty industry since the age of 18. She is a licensed esthetician through the Paul Mitchell school in Costa Mesa, California. Brittani was invited to a lash class by a few friends when she was 17 years old and fell in love with it straight away. She loves how it makes people look and feel as well as see their confidence grow through their lashes. She also loves to connect to people through lashes. She is an educator that teaches students everything there is to know about lashes. She has travelled the world educating and talking about lashes. She is a creative innovator who has introduced new fresh ideas within the beauty industry. Brittani has built her company, SoCal on the basis to never follow the norms. She believes in creatively challenging her mind by thinking of ways to do things differently. She is truly an inspiration to the industry, her company and her students.

Brittani advises new people who want to break into the industry to only be in competition with oneself, and not to compare yourself with others. She discloses that she has seen many times where people compare themselves to others and find themselves on a path that is not true to them or their passions and dreams. She helps people see that a stable income can be earned within the beauty industry and through hard work, determination and passion anyone can achieve their dreams.

Canada Fulfillment Center
Finally, the most trending product, Designer Lashes have come to Canada. With all the success SoCal Beauty has achieved over the past years they have an overwhelming client base and need in Canada for their products. Lash artists love to carry their products and their basis of lash artists have grown immensely. As shipping, taxes and duties have made getting their products a struggle they have decided to open a new fulfillment centre in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. This fulfillment center will be able to hold, pack and ship their products in Canada directly to their Canadian customers. This enables lash artists to try out their products and make money. According to Brittani: “We have a global client base of business owners that we support. Anyone can order from our original site and have their products shipped anywhere they choose…but now, Canadian customers can shop directly from”

With what can be considered a saturated industry, it is really important to have good quality products. It is also very important for entrepreneurs to adapt to change and circumstances. SoCal Beauty and CEO Brittani Strong are great examples of how to make it in the beauty industry. Inspiring others to keep challenging themselves, to keep on creating, innovating and succeeding is truly what the SoCal Beauty brand is all about.

 Visit the new site: SoCalBeauty.CA

Instagram: @SoCalBeauty_

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