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SoCal Beauty donates over 750 Designer Lashes to Lash Artists with Dear Lash Love

SoCal Beauty donates over 750 Designer Lashes to Lash Artists with Dear Lash Love

SoCal Beauty, which was founded by CEO Brittani Strong over six years ago and is located in Orange County, California has grown immensely over the years and now boasts an international footprint. With the constant growth of the cosmetics industry, it is important to maintain and provide good quality services and products, but also to help those in the community stay in business which is why SoCal Beauty has teamed up with another popular apparel brand in the lash community, Dear Lash Love by Lorena Ashmore. In collaboration with SoCal Beauty, they will offer an amazing subscription opportunity to those who are a part of the Dear Lash Love Tee Club.

It’s a Special Edition

Those lash artists who are part of the Dear Love Lash subscription will get an opportunity during March to not only get to look lash in style with a trendy limited edition lash tee-shirt, but they each will receive a special edition She’s Single Lash Compact that contains a pair of designer lashes. These compact highlights are designer spaced out magnetic strip lashes and the compact has a holographic backing that has “L” and “R” visible on it for guest reference. The circle where the lashes are placed has a long magnetic strip which means that even if you trim the lash itself, the strip will still have a perfect fit. Not to mention the compact itself is baby pink with a unique collaboration design. This will give those lucky subscribers a chance to create a set of Designer Lashes for themselves or utilize the compact to create a set of Designer Lashes for a paying customer.

The two beauty experts collaborated on this subscription to decide on the design of both the lash compact and the custom tee-shirt that comes with it. This provided over 750 lash artists an opportunity to try out and test the products themselves, which is a testament to how much SoCal Beauty and Dear Lash Love believe in their respective brands. It could also be a chance for those subscribers to market and resell what they have received to make some extra money. 

During the onset of the global pandemic many salons and beauty, shops had to be closed down for safety reasons and have left many artists and entrepreneurs in the industry unemployed. Business owners like Brittani recognized these obstacles in her community which is why her donation to this incentive will help many overcome the adversities and continue to generate and income for themselves. Not only does this project allow cosmetologists to expand their clientele but it also enables more options for lash artists who are looking to provide their customers with a unique product that their users will adore. Designer Lashes are also the first lash service created that allows a lash artist to work remote, a true mark in lash history. 

The Perfect Collaborator

In the fast-changing beauty market, it is crucial for beauty brands to scale up their eCommerce capabilities and ultimately grow. Collaboration and partnership is the key to this success which is why SoCal Beauty and Dear Lash Love is a harmonious union of a magnificent duo. This collaboration of their brands has become a fresh new element that adds more credibility to a naturally established arrangement. The combination of two unique brands has now created something totally original for the March Dear Lash Tee Subscription that the community is no doubt already enjoying.

Paving the way to a new future, SoCal Beauty and Dear Lash Love will continue to show their love and support to their community members whilst creating new innovative designs and products in the beauty industry that will flourish. Strong has personally said, “We love collaborating with other brands and find Dear Lash Love the perfect collaborator. I love to collaborate with strong Female Entrepreneurs and Female driven brands.”   

 About SoCal Beauty Salon

SoCal Beauty, best known for its latest innovation, Designer Lashes, is an inspirational beauty brand run by Brittani Strong. SoCal Beauty is an Orange County lash salon, education center and solution oriented beauty brand. SoCal Beauty prides itself on not following the “norm” and stands out as different amongst what most people would call a saturated industry. SoCal Beauty continues to thrive and grow its network of beauty industry professionals looking to diversify themselves within industry.

More information and resources are shared by SoCal Beauty Salon and can be accessed on various other social platforms such as Instagram  (@socalbeauty_), Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter, including on Brittani Strong’s Instagram page (@BrittaniStrong). 

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Written By Frankie Stein

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