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She's Single 2.0 | Invisible Magnetic Band | Designer Lash Compact


Product Description

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She's Single 2.0 | Invisible Magnetic Band | Customizable Designer Lash Compact

Welcome to the first advancement in Designer Lashes! We have created a new customizable band for our Designer Lashes that now have the magnets interwoven throughout the band instead of 6 small magnets laying outside of the band. Now, the entire band itself is magnetic! This will make your Designer Lashes more secure when wearing them from the very inner to the very outer corners. This new band also provides a darker lash line so when you create your set on the band, they look even more like lash extensions!  This band can also be trimmed at any point to match your guests lid length without having to replace or add small outer magnets. Lastly, you can place these lashes on top of the natural lashes, or from underneath the natural lashes for a seamless look. We are sure that your guests are going to fall in LOVE with our new Designer Lash Invisible Magnetic Band!

Compact Highlights:

  • Designer spaced out customizable magnetic strip lash (Lashes are 3-6mm in length all the way across).
  • The compact has a white holographic backing that has both "L" and "R" on it for guest reference.
  • Mirror inside
  • Add your own logo/branding to the compact

How to work with the new invisible band:

  • Remove the magnetic strips from your Doll head (Roxi, Poppi or Foxi!)
  • Place a piece of double sided tape to the lash line
  • Utilizing your "Stay Put" Tape, place two pieces in an "X" formation allowing the top of the double sided tape to be exposed
  • Place lashes along double sided tape for security

*These lashes will feel less magnetic when working with them as the artist than our original band, however, they are extremely secure and feel more magnetic when placing on as the customer. They will cling and hold to all of the liners extremely well!

Suggested Retail Price Minimum for a she's single: $75-150 (Depending on if it’s an add on to their kit, just bought individually or if it’s an intricate set that requires a lot of detail and time. Pricing is always up to you!)