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She's Single | Designer Lash Compact


Product Description

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She's Single | Individual Designer Lash Compact

Get creative with your Designer Lashes.

Want to offer your guests multiple styles?

Need an extra pair or two for practice?

Dying to make yourself multiple pairs to showcase to your guests?

Now you can have a collection of individual compacts to create as many styles as you want! 

Compact Highlights:

Designer spaced out magnetic strip lash (Lashes are 3-6mm in length all the way across).

The strip has 6 magnets on it.

The compact has a holographic backing that has both "L" and "R" on it for guest reference.

The circle where lashes are placed has long magnetic strip so that even if you trim the lash strip the lashes will fit perfectly.

How To Use:

Shake liner, then apply 2 coats of liner. (One minute between coats, let dry 30 seconds-one minute before step two.) Place lashes along liner.

Clean magnets with foam tip & rubbing alcohol if eyeliner builds up on them.

Every-time you remove them make sure to wipe the magnets off with a foam tip, makeup sponge or q-tip.

Suggested Retail Price Minimum: $75-150 (Depending on if it’s an add on to their kit, just bought individually or if it’s an intricate set that requires a lot of detail and time. Pricing is always up to you!)

*Please note: These are the same compacts that come in the Designer Artist Kit*