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Friends with Benefits | Pro Line Kit


Product Description

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Friends with Benefits | Pro Line Kit 

Professional lash products never looked so good. Each of them friends that will provide your guests lashes with amazing benefits. We understand that you want to...GET THEM ALL, who wouldn't? 

This product line was created with lash artists in mind, to address many common industry frustrations. This first of its kind, airtight, pre & post lash product collection was custom curated to extend the shelf-life of each product.  Gone are the days of messy prep products, digging product out of unsanitary pots, unknown functions, questionable ingredients and packaging you want hide away in a drawer. These products were made with a purpose (some even with multi-purposes) to ensure that you are set up for a successful lash appointment with luxury products you can rely on with ingredients that you can explain. It's time to set a new standard, so clear out your old product drawers &  get ready to #Showoff your gorgeous SoCal Beauty pro-products to your guests!

Kit Includes:

1 Showtime | Aloe Prep

1 S.O.S. | Adhesive Aid

1 Protect He(r) | Base Bonder

1 TTYL | Cream Remover

Value: $115.50

Product Breakdown & How-to:

Showtime | Aloe Prep

Showtime is an aloe based prep for the natural lashes. It is going to slightly dehydrate the natural lash, absorbing any excess oils, so that when you place the extensions they quickly adhere to the natural lash. Plus, it naturally smells amazing, making the prep experience that much more luxurious for your guests!

How to use: Apply Showtime Aloe prep to the base of the natural lashes using a foam tip or micro-swab.

Shelf Life

Up to 15 Months

S.O.S. | Adhesive Aid

S.O.S. is an Adhesive Aid that will help speed up the dry time of any adhesive! AKA game changer. You can apply this to the lash strips themselves or directly onto the lashes you will be placing on. Overall this will speed up the cure-time of any adhesive and will be a great product to keep near year-round.

How to use:  Apply with a foam tip to the edge of your lash strips prior to beginning the appointment. 

Tip: This will help when working with volume lashes to make fanning a little easier. 

Shelf Life

Opened: 6 Months

Unopened: 12 Months

Protect He(r) | Base Bonder

Protect He(r) is a Base Bonder, this will be applied to the very base of the lashes after the appointment to eliminate fumes from the curing adhesive. Especially great for your guests who have seen irritation in the past, try our soothing Protect He(r)! This product will promote great lash retention and is a new #lashessential for an overall luxury lash experience. 

How to use: Apply Protect He(r) base bonder to the base of the extensions where adhesive has been applied using a foam tip or micro-swab.

Shelf Life

Up to 15 Months

TTYL | Cream Remover

If you have a guest that you need to remove a full set of lashes for and cannot do the lash breakup method on, you can use our TTYL cream lash remover. This product, unlike many removers is gentle on the lashes, has gives off zero fumes, and has a strawberry scent. Because this remover will not need be used very often, this product comes in an industry first airtight bottle to lengthen the shelf life. 

How to use: 

Taping down your guest as normal, saturate the lash extension bases or anywhere adhesive is built up with cream remover using foam tip and apply gel-pad over lashes. Do not apply the remover to the skin or allow it to touch the skin. Let sit and check on lashes in 15 minute increments. If the correct amount of adhesive was used when applying the set, it should take 30-45 mins for lashes to loosen. Once all lashes are removed, wipe the eye area clean and send your guest to cleanse their lashes, it is extremely important they do a deep cleanse to remove all residue. 

Tip: We recommend waiting a minimum of 2-3 days after using a remover before applying new extensions. 

Shelf Life

Up to 15 Months