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Know Before You Go: What To Expect When Your Lash Salon Reopens

Know Before You Go: What To Expect When Your Lash Salon Reopens

Slowly but surely, lash salons all over the country are beginning to reopen their doors to serve clients who have patiently awaited their return. While your experience at your favorite esthetics salon will be different than the last time that you visited, we at SoCal Beauty want you to know that the changes you will find are intended to keep you safe and healthy. 

Know Before You Go

In order to have a stress free and rejuvenating experience at your next lash appointment, we think it is best to “know before you go.” SoCal Beauty wants you to be prepared for the new rules and changes that you will find so that your visit is as fulfilling and safe as possible. 

Your Personal Waiting Space

With only a few minor adjustments on your part, you will be able to relax and let us provide the pampering that you deserve. Upon arrival at your scheduled appointment time, you will be asked to remain in your car until your lash artist is ready for you. There will be a check-in desk outside where you will meet your artist to get a quick temperature check & confirm liability waiver has been signed. This keeps our salon below capacity at all times so that we can provide a more healthy environment for our clientele & staff. 

Lighten Your Load

Leave bags and unnecessary accessories in your car, bringing in only what you need into the salon. We also ask that guests and pets remain happily at home so that we can better serve you. This can actually be a liberating experience, grab your mask and card for contactless payment, and leave all the attachments to the outside world behind as SoCal Beauty lifts your spirits with our exceptional beauty services. 

A Step Beyond Clean

As we value our clients' health and wellness above all else, SoCal Beauty is implementing hand-washing stations and temperature monitoring in addition to state disinfection protocols that have always been in place. We are also taking our commitment to your safety a step further. Purteq has thoroughly sanitized our salon with the most advanced and innovative surface cleaning and coating technology on the market.  

Contact Purteq to sanitize your space: +1 (949) 283-3122

Secure In Safety 

SoCal Beauty has also installed plexiglass partitions between our beauty stations, keeping clients comfortably separated yet not closed off. All staff will be wearing face masks and face shields to provide the ultimate in safety for our clients as well as our staff. Please don't forget to bring your own face mask as it must be worn at all times inside SoCal Beauty. Should you forget yours, we will have face masks for sale.

Our Promise To You

Our efforts to create a clean, healthy, and beautiful space for you to enjoy your lash appointments with confidence have been and will continue to be extensive. Our focus remains on providing our clients with the highest quality of service that SoCal Beauty represents.

SoCal Beauty is so excited to welcome our clients back, just know that there are big smiles behind our face masks! We look forward to bringing beauty safely back into your routine.


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