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The Ultimate Guide to Eyelash Extension Supplies

The Ultimate Guide to Eyelash Extension Supplies

The Ultimate Guide to Eyelash Extension Supplies

Eyelash extensions are the jewel in the crown of beauty treatments, and with so many useful products available to maintain your look, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Whether you are a lash artist searching for the perfect supplies or you just want to learn more about applying and maintaining beautiful lash extensions, allow us to walk you through everything you need to know about eyelash extension supplies in this definitive, ultimate guide.

Perfect primer

Get your client ready for their treatment by carefully using delicate micro swabs to apply our Showtime aloe-based lash prep solution. This important step will help the eyelash extensions and adhesive stick to their natural lashes.

Reliable Adhesive

Lash adhesive is literally the glue that holds everything together. It is important not to use too little or too much of it. You need to invest in a good-quality product like the SIS Adhesive, which features a nifty nozzle with precise drop technology, so you know exactly how much glue to expect and can avoid issues like clogging.

SIS Adhesive

A helping hand with adhesive aids

Give your trusty glue a boost with an adhesive aid such as S.O.S. Although it's designed to speed up the cure time of glue, this has other uses, such as assisting with fanning out volume lashes.

Trusty Tweezers

The top styles for extensions include curved and straight isolation tweezers. Both styles will allow you to plunge into the lash line and isolate the lashes effectively, stopping them from clumping together and shaping the overall design of the lashes.

Speed up drying with a base bonder

After lash application, using our Protect He(r) base bonder will rapidly seal adhesive bond between your client’s own lashes and the extensions and help the lashes to dry super-fast. Although you can use the bonder itself again and again, for hygiene purposes, you will need to use fresh application wands for each client.

Lovely lash brushes

These useful tools will help keep lashes upright and separated. They are ideal for gifting to a client after a session to help them to maintain their look. Not a fan of disposables? Find an eco-friendly option, such as the Show Off Lash Brush Pack.

Show Off Lash Brush Pack

Soothing removal cream

To prevent irritation when taking off your client’s extensions, you need to use a removal cream. The dense, creamy nature of the product means it will sit heavily on their lashes, breaking down the glue without running into and stinging their eyes. It is also quick and simple to apply; all you need are some foam tips, and it can remove the entire set of extensions in one sitting. After applying an effective product such as the TTYL Cream Remover, it is recommended that the lashes undergo a deep cleanse to thoroughly remove any residue.

Fantastic foam tips

These modest items are actually one of the most important tools any lash artist has. For hygiene purposes, you should not be using the same brushes and wands on every client as this is how contagious conditions such as conjunctivitis spread. Instead, invest in a pack of squeak clean foam tips to help you hygienically apply toner, bonder, removal cream and more. Packs like Swipe Right contain up to 50 foam tips in just one box!

Gel pads for safety

These safety features are used to protect the delicate skin beneath your eyes from a range of minor hazards. First, it will prevent any nicks or scratches from the isolation tweezers. Second, it will keep the client’s skin safe from the strong glues and potentially abrasive chemicals used in this beauty treatment. You can also use the eye pad to isolate the top and bottom lashes from each other, which will encourage natural shedding. The eye pad itself is soft and has been specially designed to fit snugly under the eye. An effective eye pad will be a light color to let the artist view the eyelashes clearly and can help them to create a style map.

Storing your supplies

Friends with Benefits Pro Line Kit

Whether you are an established professional or an aspiring lash artist, you will need to keep all your products clean and organized. Seeing a beauty therapist with a tidy and well-stocked kit will reassure the client immensely. Kits such as the Friends with Benefits Pro Line Kit feature airtight storage to extend your product’s lifespan and contain essential pre- and post-treatment items including aloe prep, adhesive aids, base bonder, a pack of foam tips and cream remover.

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