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Revolutionary Lash Product Enables Lash Artists To Get Back To Work Immediately!

Revolutionary Lash Product Enables Lash Artists To Get Back To Work Immediately!

Orange County Salon, SoCal Beauty, has redefined the lash industry, providing a way for thousands of professional lash artists to have an immediate opportunity to bring in new income remotely. The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated businesses throughout the world. Some of the hardest-hit industries are companies providing personal services such as lash salons. While things may appear bleak, SoCal Beauty has used this time as an opportunity to explore ways to continue serving clients, even with governmental regulations.

SoCal Beauty, innovator in lash services and solutions for more than six years, has taken steps to ensure they can continue to serve their clientele now, and help put their business in the best possible position to reopen strong once the pandemic has passed. SoCal Beauty has become a popular lash salon in a growing industry and is considered a trend leader for the lash world.

“When my salon shut down due to Covid-19, we were all devastated; we pride ourselves on running a safe and sanitary space. The last thing we wanted was for our guests to feel abandoned” said SoCal Beauty owner Brittani Strong. “I knew that I had to use this time to get creative and that is where I developed a way to preserve the professionalism and artistry of being a lash artist while still being able to service guests from a distance” she said further.

This all-new, innovative method called “Designer Custom Magnetic Strip Lashes by SoCal Beauty,” is the first of its kind and never-before seen by the lash industry. This method includes applying custom lash extensions using magnetic strip lashes. Essentially, after a virtual lash consult, lash professionals can recreate personalized lash extension sets for each of their guests and send the custom lashes directly to the client without ever having seen them in person.

This proprietary method uses a process to ensure safe and secure lash adhesion; allowing clients to get between 15 and 30 uses from the custom magnetic strips before having to replace them. “This new service is a permanent solution and will outlive the pandemic. We have introduced a new way of doing professional lash extensions; this really is just the beginning,” Strong continued.

“One of the top-selling beauty products during the pandemic has been traditional glue-on strip lashes. But many who traditionally get lash extensions do not like the way strip lashes feel when applied or are unsure of how they are going to look and fit. With our new service, this is not an issue, thanks to the Designer Lash virtual appointment available through our website, the first step to getting Designer Lashes” said Strong.

With this appointment, lash experts meet with guests online to assess their face and eye shape and get to know their wants and needs, along with style preferences for their lashes. “At this point, we can customize the sets and mail them out the same day as the virtual appointments,” Strong added.

Online appointments also make it possible for the salon to reach clients beyond the local area and outside of the constraints of the Southern California studio. With this new concept of virtual lash appointments, it is possible to provide these innovative solutions and services to people across the globe.

“If you are unable to go to your usual lash salon but want the latest and most innovative lashes for your look, we are here to help. Our team is available throughout the day to take virtual appointments and will help ensure individuals all over the globe get the high-quality lashes they are looking for. Our goal is to provide the desired solutions for each client and continue to provide our services throughout the pandemic and beyond” continued Strong.

The salon has also opened a section on their website to other lash artists in the industry to purchase an “Artist Kit,” which allows them to create their own designer lashes for resale to their clientele. Within days of launching the “Artist Pro Shop,” SoCal Beauty had hundreds of emails, messages and orders from around the globe. Many professionals are saying this new way of doing lashes is “saving their business.”

“I am so excited that the “Artist Pro Shop” has provided many lash artists with hope and a new way to bring in income for now and the future,” says Strong. This no doubt has helped to strengthen the SoCal Beauty brand as they continue to be a leader in the lash extension industry. If you are a professional looking to purchase lash kits to customize for resale, please visit



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