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Lash Salon Continues to Thrive During the Pandemic

Lash Salon Continues to Thrive During the Pandemic



During these trying times, the pandemic has tested the waters of many things. For instance, how people adjusted to the new normal and how they recently go about their daily lives. Some succeeded in adapting to it, while there are a few unfortunate individuals who found it difficult, especially for those that cannot cope with isolation.

But the economy is the one thing that received the most blows, driving it straight to the bottom of the ocean.

With social distancing protocols and stay-at-home measures being implemented, some businesses which especially thrive in the presence of people suffered the most. These industries include spas, gyms, beauty salons, and so on. Some were not able to survive, so they filed for bankruptcy. It is truly a crazy time to start and manage a business, especially when one’s business involves providing services.

However, this did not stop Brittani Strong and her company to thrive amidst the numerous challenges they are currently facing.

Brittani Strong is the founder of SoCal Beauty, a lash, brow, massage, and airbrush tanning salon specializing in providing guests the best experience. SoCal Beauty aims to help people achieve their natural glow and maintain it. After all, Brittani wants to leave her guests feeling rejuvenated and stress-free.

When Brittani was 18 years old, she opened SoCal Beauty out of her passion for business, marketing, and mentorship. She believes that for a company to flourish, she must pass on her demonstrated knowledge to interested individuals and train them to follow her footsteps. After all, running a business is not a one-person show. That is why she owes her successes in the industry to the fantastic team that she has worked with and trained with.

But because of the pandemic, businesses like that of Brittani’s had to close down to adhere to specific health protocols and safety measures. This left SoCal Beauty on a standstill. However, this did not prevent Brittani and her team from looking for innovative ways to thrive despite the unfortunate situation that struck them and the industry hard.

While thinking about the welfare of SoCal Beauty’s professional team and their clients, the company thought it best to develop other lucrative ways to provide quality services to people while being in the comforts of their homes. With Brittani’s passion and the team’s inventiveness, they created a product, the first customizable magnetic strip lash, that allows beauty industry professionals to work while they are away from their respective workplaces. 

SoCal Beauty believes that the current situation should not hinder them from making people feel refreshed, especially when the pandemic is causing a lot of stress and anxiety. With the new innovative product inspired by the hardships that they experience during these trying times, SoCal Beauty hopes to help the people, especially the industry professionals, to earn a living while following health protocols and safety measures.

SoCal beauty believes that no problem is too big for them to solve. That is why even during the pandemic, where the economy is being tested, the company continues to live on. The company envisions the product to be available far longer than the pandemic. Additionally, it hopes to introduce a new style of doing lashes for every season.

To know more about how Socal Beauty turned problems into solutions, visit their website or follow their social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also check Brittani Strong on Instagram.



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