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How To Prepare For Your Lash Extension Appointment

How To Prepare For Your Lash Extension Appointment

Youve made the decision to give your eyelashes the attention they deserve and youve booked your first appointment with SoCal Beauty for the ultimate in lash luxury experiences. What do you do next? 

You Are Worth It!

First things first, congratulate yourself on taking some me time” out of your busy schedule and get excited about the experience you are about to have bringing your lashes to the next level. As the big day nears, there are a few things to keep in mind in order to be prepared for your appointment and ensure you are ready for your new lash look. 

Slow Down and Relax

While you may be used to grabbing a cup or two of coffee throughout your day, it is a good idea to forgo this urge prior to your lash appointment. Caffeine and stimulants can increase your energy and put you in an agitated state, preventing you from remaining still during your session. Having the coffee jitters wont make it easy for your lash artist to apply beautiful lashes. So postpone that expresso until after your appointment!

Show up Ready to Glow UP

Since your lash appointment is all about your eyes, it stands to reason that you need to have them ready for their big moment. Its best to avoid makeup altogether, but at the very least, keep your eyes free from mascara, eyeliner, shadow, and any other eye makeup. It is essential for your lash appointments to begin with CLEAN LASHES, simply because Lash Extensions don't stick to dirty lashes! So please arrive 10 minutes early to your appointment so you have time to check-in and clean your lashes in our restroom.

Check out the video 60-second video below where owner of SoCal Beauty, Brittani Hamilton Strong shows you the “4 Steps to Prep” for a lash appointment at SoCal Beauty.

Step 1: Break Down Makeup Remover

Step 2: Lash Bath

Step 3: Rinse Fully with Water & Pat Dry

Step 4: Time to Relax!

Remove Contact Lenses

For those of you who wear contact lenses, it can be beneficial to remove them prior to your lash session. Contact lenses can sometimes become uncomfortable and irritating while having to close your eyes for a long period of time. Just remember, you can replace your contacts immediately after your appointment. While this is not a requirement, this is our professional recommendation. 

Celebrate Your Lash Look

Your comfort is a top priority during your lash appointment with SoCal Beauty, and prepping a little before your session will help ensure that your experience is both relaxing and rewarding. After your session is complete, don’t forget to get a #SoCalSelfie in front of our “SoCal Vibes Only” neon sign & tag us on social! Get excited, be prepared, and ready to unleash your lash look at your next SoCal Beauty lash appointment!

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