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How To Do Eye Makeup, Brows, Lashes, Shadow & More for Women in their 50s

How To Do Eye Makeup, Brows, Lashes, Shadow & More for Women in their 50s

How To Do Eye Makeup, Brows, Lashes, Shadow & More for Women in their 50s

As you mature, your favorite makeup techniques and products might not quite meet your needs. The question is: how can you do your makeup so you continue looking your best?

Update your eyeshadow for a more youthful look

The delicate skin around the eye area is one of the first areas that are likely to show signs of aging. There are some things you can do differently to help make the most of your natural assets.

One of the most common complaints about the skin around the eyes is fine lines. Combine that with skin that’s less firm, and you’d better watch out which eyeshadow you choose. Try to avoid shimmery eyeshadow as it will settle into lines and make them look more obvious. Instead, choose a matte shade that won’t accentuate creases.

Update your eyeshadow for a more youthful look

Before applying eyeshadow, apply a small amount of primer to your eyelids. This gives shadow a base it can adhere to. While it’s okay to try out different colors, you’re going to want to use softer shades. Many people develop dark areas under the eyes, and darker eyeshadows (especially purple tones) will accentuate this. You can use eyeshadow guards to cover the undereye area so little bits of shadow don’t settle and contribute to lines and dark circles.

Use a good-quality flat eyeshadow brush to gently sweep the color onto your lids, making sure to blend the edges with a blending brush to get a more seamless look.

Flattering lashes and liner

With your eyeshadow looking great, it’s time to move on to creating the perfect line. However, the days of simply grabbing an eyeliner pencil and having it glide over your lid are likely gone. As skin matures, it loses firmness. This spells trouble for eyeliner as it can drag on the skin; this isn’t good for the skin or your look as you can end up with a line that’s less than straight. This is where a felt tip eyeliner can help as it will glide more easily over your skin without dragging. A great one to try is our Brown Designer Eyeliner. It works great with magnetic lashes and looks good all day.

Brown Designer Eyeliner

Eyelashes can lose their lustrous appearance and become thinner. While there are lots of great mascaras, you might consider trying out some magnetic lashes. If you choose a natural-looking set, they will help open the look of the eye and create a more youthful look.

Apply eyeliner before applying magnetic lashes, allowing time between multiple coats for it to dry properly. The skin on your eyelid is likely looser than it was, so start by gently pulling the skin taut near the inner corner using the little finger of one hand. You will then have a smooth area to work with. You should begin drawing the line at the outer corner, using the tip of the felt. It is a good idea not to try drawing one continuous line but to draw smaller sections that join up instead for better control and precision.

Don’t forget eyebrows

While having full brows can create a more youthful appearance, you should be careful not to overdo it. Keeping things subtle is the key to achieving a flattering look.

Make sure to choose a brow pen or pencil with a point that’s fine enough to let you create a single hair effect. Some have a straight, angled edge that makes it easier to create the look you want.

Keeping eyebrows tidy is challenging. Plucking hairs when brows are already thinning might not be the way to go, so consider trimming instead. Slicking on a coat of clear lash and brow gel is also a great way to help eyebrows stay neat.

Anything else?

The concealers and foundations of your youth could make you look less than youthful. Heavier formulations settle in fine lines and highlight them, which is not what you want.

Lighter foundations that are designed for more mature skin often have light-reflective pigments to help reduce the look of wrinkles. It’s also a good idea to select a slightly warmer shade so you look more vibrant. You should apply these with a foundation brush, working out from the center of your face and blending a little into the neck area to even out the color.

Finally, concealer needs to be a lighter liquid formulation as stick concealers will be cakey and settle into lines. Keep this to a minimum, perhaps just to cover dark circles, and avoid powder altogether if you can.

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