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12 Glamorous Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorials for Stunning Party Looks

12 Glamorous Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorials for Stunning Party Looks

12 Glamorous Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorials for Stunning Party Looks

Smoky eyes are a staple look for when the party season kicks off. Whichever eye color you have and whatever you choose to wear, glamorous eyes can elevate your look. Let’s take a peek at some ideas.

1. Purple smoky eyes

This is the ideal choice if you want a glamorous yet edgy look. It is perfect for making a bold statement over the holiday season and injecting a little rock-and-roll into any event. Apply a mid-purple color all over your lids. Add a darker color underneath your lower lashes and in the crease. You also want to make sure that the darkest pool of color is at your lash line to keep your style looking modern and fresh. Use a highlighter shade in the center of your eyelids and blend outward before adding definition to your lash lines with a high-quality Black Eyeliner. Finish off with a dramatic black mascara to complete the look.

Black Eyeliner

2. Winged smoky eyes

Whatever smoky palette you choose, wings will always work to create a sultry look that is ideal in any setting, from a casual party to a formal evening event. To create the look, use a quality Liquid Liner with a precision brush. Balance out the look with a light pink, silver, or beige eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eyes. This will really make your eyes pop for that party.

Liquid Liner

3. Dark and classy

Smoky eyes do not have to be overly bold - unless that is the look you want. If you want smoky yet understated, go for chocolate tones that melt together like the ingredients of a decadent and delicious chocolate cake. Add a hint of grey to enhance the smoky look and match with dark and glittery party outfits. This look is great if you have wider-set eyes.

4. Colorful glam

You don’t have to settle for greys and browns. Instead, add to the glam effect with sweeps of shimmering blue or even hot pinks. This can look amazing if you have fair skin and really want to make your eyes stand out. It can also create a great contrast with black outfits or pastel shades.

5. Sooty white

Combining black and white eyeshadows can be really effective at creating a subtle, sooty, smokey look. This is a great style if you have darker skin and brown eyes and is the perfect look to take you from daytime into night. Start with a sweep of white, then define using black shades and a black eyeliner.

6. Smoky rose

Combine smoky greys with dusky rose shades for a look that is supremely feminine and understated in its elegance. Pinks and greys work perfectly together and are ideal for fairer skin tones and big eyes.

7. Plum-tastic

Use rich plum shades across the whole of your eyelid before defining with smoky shades and highlighting with a lighter plum in the corner of the eyes. End with smudged kohl for an elegant yet dramatic finish. Just be careful not to overpower your face. Stick to nude lip colors to maintain a balance and create a look that is as striking as it is chic.

8. Play the blues

Greys are the traditional choice for smoky eyes, but edge toward bolder blues to add a real party vibe to your look. This offers a world of possibilities, from metallic navies that can add a rock star chic to glittery baby blues finished off with added layers of sparkle.

9. Go nude

Nude tones can really lend themselves to smoky looks, especially if you have big brown eyes. Use neutral colors to create the base before adding a smoky sweep in the creases and along the lash lines. Bronze tones can be a great addition to this look, offering sun-kissed shimmer whatever the weather.

10. Explore the galaxy

Think of the night sky and choose your eye colors to match. Midnight blues and sparkling silvers work together to create the ultimate party look. Make sure that your eyes really get the attention they deserve by combining with minimal makeup on the rest of your face.

11. No green-eyed monster

Combine shades of green with bronze tones for a really modern-looking smoky effect. Think of glistening snakeskin and build up a color palette that will really set tongues wagging. Just make sure to keep the lighter tones on the inner corners of your eyes.

12. Lavender smoke

Lavenders work beautifully with greys to add a fresh look to more traditional smoky eyes.

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