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11 Of The Best Eye Makeup Tips For Mature Women

11 Of The Best Eye Makeup Tips For Mature Women

11 Of The Best Eye Makeup Tips For Mature Women

As you get older, it can feel more challenging to make your eyes look as good as you want them to. The great news is that clever makeup can make your eyes shine and could create an altogether more youthful look. Here are some top tips and tricks that you can try to give yourself the freshest possible facial features.

1. Moisturize well

Before you even think about putting on eye makeup, you are going to need to ensure that your skincare routine is in good shape. Menopause, hormonal changes, and lowered oil production can all lead to drier skin, which can make laugh lines and wrinkles look more severe. Ensure you are taking care of your skin properly by using a super-hydrating moisturizer specially tailored to meet the needs of more mature skin. Pay special attention to keeping the delicate undereye area as hydrated as possible.

2. Use a primer

A primer is essential if you want your skin and makeup to look their very best. These products are designed to make skin look smoother and minimize the appearance of pores, as well as making your makeup stay where it is supposed to be for hours on end. For more mature women, primer can give your face an immediate lift. Just make sure you use one with the same base formula as your chosen foundation - either water or oil. This will ensure that one doesn’t repel the other.

2. Use a primer

You should also use a special eye primer if you intend to use powder eye colors. There are varieties you apply to your lids and formulations specifically created to hydrate and correct the undereye area. This can be a game-changer when it comes to reducing the appearance of fine lines and crow’s feet and prevent your concealer from settling in the lines.

3. Ditch the powder

Do you remember the days when you used to finish off your face with a good dusting of setting or anti-shine powder or when you used a heavy coat of the same powder to catch flecks as you applied your eyeshadow? Well, those days are gone as powder can spell disaster for more mature eyes, sinking into fine lines and wrinkles and making them look far worse than they really are.

4. Blend well and choose creams

4. Blend well and choose creams

Make sure you have a really good set of makeup brushes so you can apply your eyeshadow and really blend it on your lid to create a seamless look. The best choice of eye colors for more mature women are cream formulas that won’t settle into those pesky fine lines. Nevertheless, you may need to set cream eye colors with powder formulas to prevent transfer. The effect of this can be minimized by using matte eyeshadow.

5. Keep it matte

Matte shades are the best choice for more mature eyes as they won’t emphasize any wrinkles in the same way that sparkly shadows can.

6. Consider shape

Whatever your age, you should think about your eye shape when planning your makeup and remember that this can change a little over time as your face alters. If you have more of a hooded lid, think about keeping your eye color to a minimum. A simple wash of color may be all that’s needed, and then you can focus more on applying your Designer Eyeliner.

Designer Eyeliner

7. Love your lashes

Your natural lashes can lose their impact as you get older, but that’s no reason to go without the eye-popping effect that great lashes can provide. Booking an appointment to give your lashes a lift can boost your mood as well as the appearance of your face. Natural, high-quality false eyelashes can have a major effect, opening eyes and really allowing their inner beauty to shine through.

8. Line the waterline

Your eyes can begin to look smaller as you age, so invest in a flesh-toned liner and line your waterline to instantly make them look larger.

9. Less is more

If in doubt, adopt the "less is more" mentality. You may only want to apply eyeliner to the upper lash line, for example, or go nude and just opt for concealer to even out the tone of your eyelids.

10. Use conditioning mascara

Lashes thin as you age, and regrowth does not happen as readily. Use a conditioning mascara that will nourish them while adding a coat of color.

11. Highlight with concealer

Use a concealer to highlight the under-brow area to define and lighten your arch.

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