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Inspiration Leads To Innovation For SoCal Beauty’s Lash Business

Inspiration Leads To Innovation For SoCal Beauty’s Lash Business

At SoCal Beauty, we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions during the present day health and community crisis that we are all experiencing at this time. As a committed business partner in our beloved community, we are committed to finding new ways to provide support for industry professionals and clients. 

We are excited about our new venture that will enable thousands of professional lash artists to immediately serve clients remotely, allowing opportunities for both business recuperation and client satisfaction to be fulfilled. In order to close this economic gap experienced by beauty professionals, SoCal Beauty has taken steps to ensure clients are served in compliance with governmental regulations. 

Inspiration Born 

In order to keep the business of lash beauty thriving, SoCal Beauty is implementing a service that meets our clients' lash needs from a distance, all while maintaining the professionalism and expertise in which we are renowned for. As a leader in the lash world, we knew we could not leave our clients feeling abandoned, and we decided to get creative in finding methods of conducting the business of beauty. 

Innovative Solutions

With our "Designer Custom Magnetic Strip Lashes by SoCal Beauty," we are breaking new ground in the designer lash industry. This one of a kind method includes the application of custom lash extensions through the use of magnetic strip lashes. Clients can participate in professional virtual consultation with SoCal Lash Professionals, and then have their personalized lash extension sets custom created and sent directly to them, without ever having to leave the comfort of their home. 

Products Designed With A Purpose

SoCal Beauty's proprietary magnetic lash adhesion method ensures safe and secure lash adhesion, giving clients 30 uses per custom strip before it is needed to reorder. Our designer, lash innovation, provides a permanent solution for meeting the beauty needs of clients during this health crisis and extending beyond these times into the future of lash care. 

Reaching A Global Community

As we embark on this exciting new concept, product, and service that has been born from these turbulent times, we hope to empower women everywhere who wish to have luxury lash extensions through the use of our virtual professional consultations. Through our website, local clients, and clients outside the physical boundaries of our great community can be part of our SoCal Beauty experience. 

Creating Revenue Opportunities For Industry Professionals

In addition to providing professional luxury lash consultation and custom product delivery to each SoCal Beauty client, we are also opening up this amazing opportunity to professional lash artists all across the globe. With our "Artist Kit," industry professionals can create their own designer lashes for resale to their clientele.

A SoCal Beauty Custom

At SoCal Beauty, we value our clients, our community, and our industry's professional artists understanding that we rise by lifting others. We are bringing the future of luxury lash extensions to our clients through innovative products and custom solutions. SoCal Beauty is ready to serve you and all of your lash needs. 

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