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How to Apply Fake Eye Lashes

How to Apply Fake Eye Lashes

How to Apply Fake Eye Lashes

When applied correctly, fake eyelashes blend flawlessly with your own, giving you the illusion of naturally long, bold and beautiful lashes. Get the expert tricks and tips to applying fake eyelashes like a pro.

Makeup first

Before you get started on your eyelash application, curl your natural lashes and apply a coat of your choice of mascara. Match the color to that of the fake eyelashes.

Take care from start to finish

We know you’re eager to get started, but one of the biggest and most common mistakes you can make is to damage your fake eyelashes right away by removing them from their packaging too roughly.

There are two tricks to removing your fake eyelashes without damaging them. You can use one finger to pull the fake eyelash gently downward to loosen it from the glue that holds it to the tray. Alternatively, use tweezers to delicately pull the product away from the tray.

Cut to size

If you are applying several individual bunches of feathery lashes, you can ignore this next step. Your falsies are perfect just the way they are! Make sure you place some of these toward the outer edges of your eyeline.

Everyone has their own unique eye shape and size. Fake eyelashes have been designed with this in mind, and most people find they need to trim them to size. First, measure your fake eyelash against your eyeline to see how much you need to cut off. Then use specialized scissors, such as the stylish and functional Cut Off Gold Mini Scissors, to get them just right.

Cut Off Gold Mini Scissors

Also consider the half-lash look for the perfect daytime look. This style combines glamour with a girl-next-door vibe. The half-lash will have you looking effortlessly chic on coffee dates. This consists of deliberately chopping your false eyelash in half, adding a subtle but bold element of visual interest to the middle and ends of your eyes.

Spread your glue evenly

Using a foam tip for accuracy, spread a thin layer of glue onto the band of the fake eyelashes. If you apply the glue directly from the tube, you risk uneven coverage and tacky clumps of adhesive. Apply a little more glue to the inner and outer ends than to the middle.

Don't want to use lash glue?  Use our wide range of Universal Eyeliners. these liners work with both regular lashes and magnetic lashes, apply the liner and lay the lashes along the liner and you will be all set.

For a product that is sure not to become soggy and oversaturated, choose foam tips that have been designed with fake eyelash application in mind, such as a Swipe Right Pack.

Swipe Right Pack

Hold on tight

For this next step, do nothing. That’s right - nothing! It’s vital that you wait a few seconds to let the glue become nice and sticky so it will firmly grip your eyeline. If you apply your lashes too soon after gluing, they will slide around no matter how firmly you press them on.

Mitts off

Don’t be tempted to use your fingers. This is a surefire way to mangle your lovely lashes. For expert application, use a proper lash tweezer, picking the false lash up by the middle and applying it as close to your natural lash line as possible. The closer you get, the more easily you will be able to blend the fake eyelash with your real lashes.

There are many types of specialized eyelash tweezers, from ones that help separate your lashes for a truly stunning look to ones that are ideal for delicately lifting and pressing the products onto your eyeline. With a tweezer kit, such as the Romance Tweezer Collection Kit, you are sure to have everything you need for each step of the process.

Romance Tweezer Collection Kit

Blending time

With your fake eyelashes securely in place, now it is time to apply a second coat of mascara and your eyeliner. The additional mascara will blend your natural lashes with the fake ones. A subtle coat of eyeliner along the lash line will disguise the band of the fake eyelashes, adding to the illusion that they are real. It is important to do this regardless of whether you used full lashes, half lashes or a selection of individual bunches. A liquid eyeliner product is recommended for this stage for smooth and even coverage.

You are ready to go!

Now your look is complete, and you are ready to turn heads with your stunning new fake eyelashes. When applied properly, they will stay on as you dance the night away, but do try your very best not to touch or rub your eyes too much.

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