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Small Lash Salon in California Paves the Way to a New Future in Lash Industry

Small Lash Salon in California Paves the Way to a New Future in Lash Industry


Humans, time and time again, have always valued beauty, and cosmetics help achieve it. The constant growth of the beauty and cosmetics industry is another proof of it.

More and more people want to look and feel their absolute best, and many brands and services are eager to please. There are so many exciting and new creative ventures all around the beauty world, waiting to transform their next guests into looking and feeling their best with just one visit.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has put a dest on the industry now. Many salons and beauty shops have closed down for safety purposes, rendering unemployment for the workers and entrepreneurs.

But despite the adversity, SoCal Beauty preferred to innovate, and the company is staying at the forefront.

SoCal Beauty is a lash, brow, massage, and airbrush tanning salon that specializes in guest experiences. Before the pandemic, the salon’s primary goal was to help each of their guests bloom outward and see their glow from within, using luxury products to deliver the best results. They want their guests to come out feeling at the top of the world, feeling confident and naturally beautiful.

Now, the company has branched out to look for new and creative ways to contribute and provide support for their fellow professionals and clients. They have dedicated to finding innovative solutions and break down the obstacles experienced by the beauty community.

As one of the leading figures in the lash world, the team could not bear to leave their clients in the dust during a global health and community crisis. The company is making a service possible that allows their clients to fulfill their lash needs without having to go outside and risk their health.

Introducing their Designer Custom Magnetic Strip Lashes, the team is paving the way for a new approach in the designer lash industry. The product lets the users apply their various custom lash extensions through the use of magnetic strip lashes. The one-of-a-kind method assures a safe and secure lash adhesion, available for use up to thirty times per custom strip until a reorder is needed.

The company and its team of lash professionals also offer virtual consultations for their clients. Through online appointments, clients can express their style preferences, and professionals can assess which style fits their clients the best, depending on their face and eye shape. They can order their personalized lash extension sets, custom-created, and have these items be sent directly to their doorsteps.

Aside from helping their clients’ lash woes, the salon aims to help out their fellow professionals, mainly lash artists as well. They introduced a new division, SoCal Pro, which is a new “professional only” site where lash artists can purchase products at a professional price and make their own unique designer lashes for resale to their clientele. Many professionals from all around the globe have benefited from this revolutionary way of creating and selling lashes.

Without a doubt, the company has opened the doors for both of their clients and colleagues, letting them continue thriving amidst the pandemic and cementing themselves as one of the leaders in the lash extension industry.

Visit the SoCal Beauty website and follow their Instagram page, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube channel for more information and beauty tips, and to receive the latest updates. Leave an uplifting review on their Yelp as well.


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