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Volume Course

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Master the Volume Technique 

(2 Day Course)

$1,000 In-person Attendance 

$500.00 Virtual Attendance

(Shop Pay 4 Payment installments available at checkout)

This class is fully focused on mastering the volume technique. One full day will with live virtual training & in-person students combined, with multiple SoCal Beauty Educators, this day will be full designed to master Volume Fanning using multiple methods for fanning .06 & .05 diameter lashes. In addition, a major focus of this course will be on advanced styling for different eye-shapes with specialty lash designs created by our SoCal Beauty educators.

Day two of this course will be a model day that you can attend either in-person or virtually. 

This course is designed for the lash artist looking to take your volume skills and advanced shaping to the next level.

Please Note: You must be certified in classic (by any company) to take this volume course. 


Day 1. Classroom

Date & Time:
December 4, 2021 
10:00am-4:00pm PST

SoCal Beauty 
6 Journey 
Suite 155
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

(Via zoom for virtual students)

Advanced Shaping & Lash Designs 

Volume theory

Understand Length, Curl & Diameters

Adhesive Theory


Volume Fanning Methods

Volume Placement

Fanning Practice

Social Media Basics

Business #Goals Worksheets- A month long guide designed to increase your retail & service sales

Day 2.  Model Day

Date & Time:
December 5, 2021

10:00am-4:00pm PST

SoCal Beauty 
6 Journey 
Suite 155
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

(Via zoom for virtual students) 

Upon full course completion, you will receive a certification after instructor review. With multiple ways to learn, we believe you will leave feeling confident in the volume technique shaping all different eye-shapes! 

All courses will include our Designer Lashes, this way you can wear your work as you master your craft! 

Kit Included

Mixed trays:

B .06





M curl .05

Come Close | Hand Lash Palette

Glossi | Glass Lash Palette

Solo | Straight Isolating Tweezer

Flirt | Curved Isolating Tweezer

Date | Classic Pickup Tweezer

Gem | Volume Boot Tweezer

Bae | XL Volume Boot Tweezer

Buckle Up | Bio Gel Eye Pads

Cut off | Gold mini scissors

Stay put | Gentle skin tape SM

Stay put | Gentle skin tape LG

Swipe Right | Foam Tip Packet

Showtime | Aloe Prep

S.O.S. | Adhesive Aid

Honey | Adhesive

Protect He(r) | Base Bonder

Showoff | Lash Brush Packet

The Finale | Nano Mister

TTYL | Cream Remover

Keep it Squeaky | Rose Lash Cleanser

One Night Stand | Disposable Brush 

Roxi, Poppi or Foxi | Magnetic Lash Line Doll head (Selected at Random)

5 Designer Kits - Black

2 She's Singles

*Kit Included $500+ Value*

Sign Up Deadline: November 15, 2021

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