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Keep It Squeaky | Rose Water Lash Cleanser


Product Description

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Keep It Squeaky | Rose Water Lash Cleanser 

Keep it Squeaky is our Rose Water Lash Cleanser, this is our shining star! We developed this lash cleanser because we believe it’s about time we have a specialty made lash cleanser that not only provides a deep cleanse to your lash line, but is also packed with anti-aging benefits.

Our specialty ingredient,
Rose Water, naturally has antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This means helping to ease symptoms of inflammatory eye disorders, as well as reducing redness, puffiness & the appearance of lines and wrinkles (AKA. Anti-Aging!). We also snuck hyaluronic acid into this cleanser which is going to provide much hydration to the lash line. These ingredients are going to stay FRESH because of our air-tight bottle design, maintaining active ingredients & prolonging the shelf-life of this dreamy cleanser.

This cleanser is bringing luxury to your lashes in a safe and gentle way. It is extremely important to nourish your lashes and eye area daily in general, but especially when getting lash extensions.

How to Use:

Made for daily use, apply a pea-sized amount of cleanser to your lash line with water using a cleansing Brush. Shimmey the cleanser through your lashes and in-between your extensions to “Keep it Squeaky” along your lash line. Rinse with water.


How to use when cleansing Designer Lashes

Pre-Cleanse Tip: Use Boi Bye makeup removing pen along the magnets and back-side of strip where they’re is makeup build up prior to cleansing. Wipe magnets with alcohol. 
Apply a pea-sized amount of Keep it Squeaky cleanser to your designer lashes with water using a cleansing Brush. Shimmey the cleanser through the lashes and in-between the extensions to “Keep it Squeaky” and get the most uses out of your Designer Lashes as possible! Rinse with water, pat dry, fan/light blow dry and brush.

50ML in Airtight Bottle 


Distilled water, rose water, alcohol, amino acids, hyaluronic acid.