How long does the service take?

All full sets take 2 hours and all fills take 1 hour.

What is the difference between Classic and Volume lashes?

Classic is one individual lash extension attached to each of your individual lashes. Creating more of a mascara look.

Volume is multiple fine, lightweight lash extensions that are attached to each of your individual lashes. When you come in to get the service done the lash artist will do a consultation with you and can explain what would benefit you best based on your wants and needs. So don’t worry too much about having to pick which one because they can always customize it when you come in.

How much are your Lash Fills or Full sets?

Full sets:






How do I take care of my lashes?

The best way to take care of your lashes is by cleansing them daily with our Borboleta Beauty Cleanser, specially formulated to clean lashes and the extensions. You must also brush your lashes daily to keep them uniform and shedding properly. Please avoid any oily products directly on the lashes.

Can I go swimming with lash extensions? 

Yes you can go swimming with lash extensions, you just want to keep them as dry as possible. So make sure as soon as you get out of the water you dry them off and brush them into place.

How often should I get a fill?

We require 2-3 week fills. Anything passed 3 weeks is considered a full set.

Can I wear mascara?

We do not believe you should need mascara if we are doing our job right!

Will extensions damage my natural lashes?

If lash extensions are performed properly they should never damage the natural lash. We make sure to isolate each individual natural lash and we adhere the lash extensions to the very base of the natural lash. Your lashes have a 21-90 day lash cycle, so you are constantly replenishing your lashes. On average, you should lose 3-5 of your own lashes a day and you will see the extension attached to it which is completely normal.

What happens if I don’t clean and brush my lashes?

If  you do  not clean your lashes you can have tons of issues. It can cause many different infections such as: Blepharitis, Conjunctivitis or many more. If you do not brush oyur lashes they will tangle, not look uniform & will not shed properly.