Infinite Beauty Concepts Adds Image Skincare Product Line at Aliso Viejo Boutique Esthetic Spa

Infinite Beauty Concepts Adds Image Skincare Product Line at Aliso Viejo Boutique Esthetic Spa

Infinite Beauty Concepts, Orange County’s fastest growing boutique lash enhancement and skincare salon, has announced a new alliance to carry and distribute the line of exclusive skincare products featuring Vectorize Technology™ from Image Skincare.

Vectorize Technology is a revolutionary delivery system for the active ingredients in several Image Skincare enhanced formulations, as well as in the company’s anti-aging and pigmentation correction product line called Iluma. Utilizing up to 100 layers of active ingredients including stem cells and peptides in sphere-like molecular structures, this cutting-edge skincare technology provides deeper product penetration for a prolonged period of time thanks to time-released encapsulated ingredients.

Infinite Beauty Concepts managing partner Brittani Hamilton announced the new alliance and product line on the heels of her company’s successful grand opening in January as part of her commitment to continuous growth.

“A big part of our continued success is in our ability to find the best skincare products to meet our clients’ needs,” Hamilton says. “Image Skincare uses serious, state-of-the-art lab technology to develop the most scientifically advanced skincare formulas in today’s marketplace.”

Included in Image Skincare’s Vectorize products is the Iluma line of powerful skin lightening formulas that work quickly and effectively to diminish all forms of pigmentation from sunspots to melisma, correcting and preventing pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

Image Skincare product representative Heather Roberts says the alliance with Infinite Beauty Concepts is a natural one, since both companies are focused on innovation and results through natural, additive-free products.

“We are proud to have Infinite Beauty Concepts using Image Skincare products in their advanced spa treatments,” Roberts says. “As the only skincare brand in the industry to offer Vectorize technology, IBC is the perfect venue for attracting Southern Californians searching for the latest, most effective skincare treatments that are free of parabens, petrochemicals and preservatives, and are not tested on animals.”

For more information on spa treatments using Image Skincare products or to make an appointment, visit the Infinite Beauty Concepts website, email, or call 949-800-5509.

About Infinite Beauty Concepts:

Infinite Beauty Concepts approaches skincare and healthcare holistically, from the alkaline water used to ensure pH balance in all skin treatments to the vegan and organic formula used in the boutique’s specialized spray tan product. IBC also offers a wide variety of therapeutic skin care products, some organic and natural and some medicinal and pharmaceutical grade.

As part of her focus on serving students in the Aliso Viejo area, IBC Founder and Managing Partner Brittani Hamilton offers a “student card” that provides high schoolers and undergrads with special pricing and discounts on spa services.

Hamilton initially established Infinite Beauty Concepts to fill the growing demand for high quality, specialized eyelash enhancements and extensions. Her vision grew to include anti-aging products and treatments, full body waxing and a full line of antioxidant superfoods for a clientele committed to living the healthy and active Infinite Lifestyle.

About Image Skincare:

Image Skincare is an internationally operated company founded in 2003 by CEO Janna Ronert, and President and Medical Director Marc Ronert, M.D., Ph.D. The fastest growing skin care company in the industry, Image Skincare products are approved and available in more than 44 countries.

Image Skincare utilizes the most scientifically advanced formulas available in today’s marketplace to yield unparalleled results.

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