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Studio Policies


Cancellation Policy:
Please understand that when you forget or cancel your appointment without giving enough notice, we miss the opportunity to fill that appointment time and clients on our waiting list miss the opportunity to receive services they need. We ask that all new and current guests supply a credit card to have on our files. All cards on file are added to the system via a secure electronic process that ensures the information is encrypted and remains secure.

In the event that we do not receive the required notice for adjustments and cancellations the following fees will be applied to your card or alternatively billed out to you:

-Notification given 24 hours prior to your appointment will receive no charges.

-Notification given 13-23 hours prior to your appointment will result in a 50% charge of the reserved service amount.

-Notification given 1-12 hours prior to your appointment or Failure to show up for your appointment, will result in a 100% charge of the reserved service amount.

*Promptness is expected for all appointments. In the event of lateness, the appointment may be cut short due to other commitments of the therapist. Fees will be maintained per the schedule.


Payment Policy:
SoCal Beauty does not accept cash or checks.
We only accept all major debit & credit cards.
*Note:  We do not have the capability to break bills,
so we can only accept cash if it is the exact amount necessary
for the service/gratuity.


Children Policy:
SoCal Beauty does not allow children in the studio without the attendant of an adult that is not receiving a service. We want everyone to be & feel safe at SoCal Beauty. The studio will now deny service if a guest comes to their appointment with a child 12 years old & under without the attendant of an adult who is not receiving a service. The guest will also still be responsible for the full service amount (please remember to utilize our 24 hour cancellation policy to reschedule if needed). Please keep in mind that we are working with very sharp tools and have to maintain a very steady hand while working. Our goal is provide the best possible service while maintaining every guests safety.

Photo Policy:

I give Socal Beauty (DBA), Infinite Beauty Concepts LLC. permission to take and show my before and after photos to other clients. I give Socal Beauty (DBA) Infinite Beauty Concepts permission to post my before and after photos on their website, all social media platforms and for marketing purposes.

Refund Policy:

Our intent is for each customer to be 100% satisfied with our services. Returns and refunds are limited to the following situations:

1. Services received cannot be refunded

2. Product Refunds will only be considered if presented within 7 days of purchase. Products can only be refunded if unused and in its orginal packaging. If product is opened or used it is possible that a restocking fee will be charged. Refunds can only be processed with receipt.

3. No refunds are given for gift card orders.

Microblading FAQ

What is microblading?

Microblading is a procedure where a specialized hand tool with tiny needles is used in conjunction with pigment to create hair-like strokes on the skin.

Am I a candidate for microblading?

You are not suitable for this procedure if you:

Are pregnant/nursing

Are undergoing chemotherapy

Have used accutane in the past year

Have any medication or illness that compromises the immune system/healing

How long does the procedure take?

Microblading is typically a 2-step process with the second appointment being 6 weeks after your initial procedure.

The first appointment takes around 2.5 hours. It will include a consultation to decide the color and shape of your desired brows. After this, measuring and drawing in of the desired shape will be done.

We will continue with the procedure when you are 100% happy with the shape.

When you are happy with the shape, a semi-permanent pigment will be applied with a disposable microblading hand tool to create hair strokes. (This is not a machine)

Shading can also be done to create more definition.

A touch up appointment will be needed 6 weeks after the initial service. This appointment lasts around 1 hour. This touch up appointment is very important as the skin heals and peels. This will complete your brow service and ensure that your brows looking fresh for longer.

How long will it last?

Microblading typically lasts between 1-3 years depending on your after care and skin type.

Does it hurt?

We use a lidocane cream before the service and wait for numbness to occur before we start the procedure, and most clients report little to no discomfort at all.

How long is the healing time?

Although there is no downtime required after a microblading procedure, it will take 7-14 days to heal and around a month for the color to fully set in.

Aftercare instructions will be given to you at your procedure that are tailored to your skin type.

What types of pigments do you use?

Only the best iron oxide pigments will be used that naturally fade over time. These are perfectly safe to use.

Can microblading be done over an existing tattoo?

Microblading can be done over existing tattoo work. Please email/text a picture to determine if you are a candidate.

Pre/post care instructions:

Botox may be done 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after this service

Retin A may be used up to one week before service.

Avoiding caffeine and alcohol 24 hours before your service is advised.

No eyebrow waxing 3 days prior to your appointment

Chemical peels may be done up to two weeks before your appointment

Do not immerse brows in water up to 14 days after your service. When showering, avoid washing your face. Instead, when washing your face, clean around the brow area. We know this sounds hard, but this is crucial to the healing process and your completed result!

Eyelash Extension FAQ

How long does the service take?

All full sets take 2 hours and all fills take 1 hour.

What is the difference between Classic and Volume lashes?

Classic is one individual lash extension attached to each of your individual lashes. Creating more of a mascara look.

Volume is multiple fine, lightweight lash extensions that are attached to each of your individual lashes. When you come in to get the service done the lash artist will do a consultation with you and can explain what would benefit you best based on your wants and needs. So don’t worry too much about having to pick which one because they can always customize it when you come in.

How much are your Lash Fills or Full sets?

Full sets:






How do I take care of my lashes?

The best way to take care of your lashes is by cleansing them daily with our Borboleta Beauty Cleanser, specially formulated to clean lashes and the extensions. You must also brush your lashes daily to keep them uniform and shedding properly. Please avoid any oily products directly on the lashes.

Can I go swimming with lash extensions? 

Yes you can go swimming with lash extensions, you just want to keep them as dry as possible. So make sure as soon as you get out of the water you dry them off and brush them into place.

How often should I get a fill?

We require 2-3 week fills. Anything passed 3 weeks is considered a full set.

Can I wear mascara?

If you have Volume lashes, absolutely not. If you have classic lashes, you may wear a waterbased mascara. We do not believe you should need mascara if we are doing our job right.

Will extensions damage my natural lashes?

If lash extensions are performed properly they should never damage the natural lash. We make sure to isolate each individual natural lash and we adhere the lash extensions to the very base of the natural lash. Your lashes have a 21-90 day lash cycle, so you are constantly replenishing your lashes. On average, you should lose 3-5 of your own lashes a day and you will see the extension attached to it which is completely normal.

What happens if I don’t clean and brush my lashes?

If  you do  not clean your lashes you can have tons of issues. It can cause many different infections such as: Blepharitis, Conjunctivitis or many more. If you do not brush oyur lashes they will tangle, not look uniform & will not shed properly.

Ellebana Eyelash Lift FAQ

Ellebana Lash Lift is a 30 minute Lash Service that “Lifts” the lashes causing them to curl for 6-8 weeks. You may not get a Lash Lift if you currently have extensions on.

  • 30-40 minute treatment!
  • Makes natural eyelashes appear longer without the use of eyelash extensions
  • Allows for curling or lifting of eyelashes and lasts for 6-8 weeks
  • Superior formulation with conditioning and nourishing
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Minimal after care required! Swim, shower and play with no fuss 24 hours after appt!
  • Suitable for short or long eyelashes

Spray Tanning FAQ

How long does it take to do a spray tan?

15 minutes

Does your spray tan make you orange ever?

We use an all organic/vegan airbrush solution that has a sugar & aloe base and we have never seen it cause any orangey tones. If you are getting a spray tan for a special event we suggest getting a “Trial one” a couple weeks before the event to make sure you love it.

How long does your spray tan last?

Our sprays last 1 week. If you buy the image skincare body bronzer while your in you can get your spray tan to last about another week. We also suggest getting the  image skincare exfoliating body scrub to remove the tan as it begins to fade without drying your skin out.

How do I prepare for a spray tan?

Please make sure to shave, shower & exfoliate before you come in. Also, any areas you are typically dry please moisturize.

What should I wear to get a spray tan?

You want to wear loose dark clothing. While your in the spray tan you can dress down to what your comfortable with.

Are you guys offering Tanning Tuesdays still?

Yes through the summer we offer Spray Tans for $20 on Tuesdays only. There are very limited spots available so make sure to reserve your appointment well in advance.

Massage FAQ

What types of Massage do you offer?

Our Massage Therapists specializes in treating chronic pain, sciatica, headaches, neck and shoulder pain all through different modalities such as Swedish, Deep tissue, Trigger Point and Sports Massage. Your appointment will begin with a consultation and customize your massage based off of your wants and needs.


What Shipping Methods Are Available?

Currently we ship USPS First Class Shipping.

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes. Email info@socalbeauty.com for international shipping inquires.

How Can I Return a Product?

You have 14 days from the day you receive the item to return the item unopened or not recognizably worn for full refund. After 14 days it is non-returnable.

Who should I to contact if I have any queries?

Email: info@socalbeauty.com
Phone Number: 949-215-4554

How Can I Cancel Or Change My Order?

Email info@socalbeauty.com for cancellation or change requests.

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